Monday, March 5, 2012

Protect your Smartphone with mobile phone insurance

Protect your mobile phone

The premiums being offered for mobile phone insurance is very different from other insurance products. This is because it will not be affected by personal circumstances or demographic factors. In addition to this, the majority of these policies that exist do not take into consideration if you have previously made any claims. This means that the only influencing factor for premiums is the kind of mobile phone that you own.
The potential risks that are faced should be the first thing one thinks about when deciding to get mobile phone insurance. You might be thinking that the cost should be the first thing, but consideration needs to be given on how well the individual is able to care for his/her gadgets. The given fact is that accidents happen and can happen to anyone. A mobile phone handset being lost, stolen or damaged is not something that is foreseen before it happens and therefore taking out insurance policies for mobile phones is suitable and recommended virtually for anybody.

What exactly is covered by mobile phone insurance?

Most definitely the phone will be insured. Phone bills due to calls made from your mobile phone after it has been stolen is also covered by some insurer. Many insurers do however state that you must report your lost or stolen within a certain timeframe of you becoming aware.
You should check for quotes online and go for a mobile phone insurer that is a specialist in that specific area, and offers various options such as ‘loss cover’ and worldwide coverage. When you sign up for a new mobile phone contract in-store or by telephone, you will almost certainly be offered mobile phone insurance but be sure to hold back on the policy so that you have enough time to check online for better phone insurance deals. If it’s a Smartphone, you should definitely consider taking out the insurance cover.

Where can one get mobile insurance?

There are a lot of perks involved in getting an insurance policy from a phone network provider, especially if your phone is a contract mobile. Some sales advisors may entice you into taking out mobile phone insurance for your Smartphone right away by making comments such as “if your mobile handset is stolen, you will still be required to pay your monthly bill even if you can’t replace the handset”; and whilst it is true, you should not fall into the trap of buying the policy without doing the research first. You should run a research online and compare the other policies that exist to see if you can find another company that is offering better value for money.

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